Friday, November 7, 2014

Cover Reveal - Kathy-Jo Reinhart's Protect Me - Oakville series book three

It's here!

It's here!

I've had the pleasure of participating in a takeover for Kathy-Jo Reinhart's Remember Me (Oakville series book two) release day party. She was pleasant and so gracious. The cover I'll be sharing is the third book in her Oakville series. But before I do that, let's make sure you know all about the other books in the series.

Book One

*****This book is recommended for ages 18+ (Strong Language,Violence,sexual content)***** 

Six years ago, Amber fled her hometown and family heart broken and humiliated. Now, after walking in on her fiancĂ© holding another woman’s legs in the air and screaming her name, Amber is headed back home to Oakville, ready for a fresh start in the town she’s always loved. 
Determined to get back to her life, Amber gets a waitressing job at KC’s Bar & Grille. After a few weeks of working there, she finally sets in to a happy routine with help from her new friend, Holly. That is, until she meets KC, the owner, her boss, and the man who just happens to be the reason she left so many years ago. The man she never got over. 

Enter Kyle. He’s sexy, charming, the lead singer of a small town band, and owner of KC’s Bar & Grille. When Amber left all those years ago, he became a shell of the man he was. Broken, confused, and desperate, Kyle began his new life where nothing mattered aside from music and women, sometimes more than one at a time. Finally realizing that he hated the person he was becoming, he moves back to Oakville with his band to focus on the bar. Still playing a few small gigs here and there, Kyle and his band return home after a month only to walk straight into Amber, the girl who broke his heart and left without a word. 

With a short, heated conversation revealing that it was all just a misunderstanding, Kyle and Amber are determined to start over again and let the past stay in the past. This is the second chance neither of them dreamed they would get and they aren’t going to waste it. Unfortunately, living in this small town isn’t as safe as it would seem. With people determined to tear them apart and old flings resurfacing, will Amber and Kyle be able to hold onto their second chance? Or will it all slip through their fingers? 

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Book Two

*****This book is recommended for ages 18+ (Strong Language,Violence,sexual content)***** 

After six years of being apart, Amber and Kyle finally found each other again, only to be ripped apart once more by a force they couldn't control. After a tragic accident that almost takes Amber's life, she's left in a hospital without any memory. She doesn't know who she is, let alone the man that she married and has loved since childhood. 

When Amber finally wakes from her coma, Kyle feels like he can breathe again. The hope that he has held onto every day he has sat in the hospital with her has pulled through. They can now push Beau behind them and finally get the happily ever after they deserve. Only, Amber has no idea who he is. 

Feeling his hope wither away once more, Kyle sets out and makes it his personal duty to help her remember, or make her fall in love with him again. After all, they have a connection that can pull through anything, and will. 

Is their love really enough to conquer even the most difficult and life-altering situations? 

Trust is lost, promises are broken, and hearts are shattered. 

Will Kyle and Amber be able to withstand the changes ahead of them, or will it tear them apart for good?

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And now ...

(The cover model is Stephen Thomas)

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