Saturday, May 9, 2015

allyn lesley and The Twitter Affair

Spearheaded by Imani Wisdom, a few authors and I are participating in...

Were going to each share snippets, blurbs, teasers, etc. to readers via Twitter. If you want to follow the authors, look for #UEBFair. Its my hope youve heard about my recent debut romantic suspense novel released two weeks ago. Yay me! In case you have no clue who I am or what Ive written, heres a snippet from Deeper (Book One of the Deeper Chronicles) about a king who controls New York City and the queen he meets along his journey...

© allyn lesley 2015

Where the fuck is that little she-devil?
            Zach pointed toward the dance floor, addressing his employer’s unvoiced question. “Under the ball.”
            Clear as day, she danced way too close with someone who might soon leave the club with a limp. He blew out a breath. She knew better than this, yet she still tested the limits set up for her protection.
            A restraining hand on Noah’s arm paused him mid-stride. “Boss?”
            Noah’s eyes widened at Zach’s hand. Immediately, the younger man’s hand fell away, and he wisely stepped back. Even in the dim light, Noah saw embarrassment tinge Zach’s face.
            “I, um. Excuse me, Mister Adams, but I can’t let you go over there,” Zach said, swallowing the fear his boss evoked.
            “Let. Me?” Noah pointed at himself and straightened to his impressive six feet and five inches. “And who’ll stop me?”

Do you like SALES? Have I got one to tell you about.

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