Thursday, September 24, 2015


It's kind of surreal that I can officially call myself an author for five months now. I've learned a lot, made a few mistakes, and can't wait to see what the future holds. As such, I've decided to increase my audience. That means that all my novels going forward will be available for purchase on all the e-store platforms.

If you read about my characters from your monthly Kindle Unlimited program, thank you for your support. If you have friends who may enjoy my novel but use other reading devices, please let them know about the below links...

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Where the fuck is that little she-devil?
Zach pointed toward the dance floor, addressing his employer’s unvoiced question. “Under the ball.”
Clear as day, she danced way too close with someone who might soon leave the club with a limp. He blew out a breath. She knew better than this, yet she still tested the limits set up for her protection.
A restraining hand on Noah’s arm paused him mid-stride. “Boss?”
Noah’s eyes widened at Zach’s hand. Immediately, the younger man’s hand fell away, and he wisely stepped back. Even in the dim light, Noah saw embarrassment tinge Zach’s face.
“I, um. Excuse me, Mr. Adams, but I can’t let you go over there,” Zach said, swallowing the fear his boss evoked.
“Let me?” Noah pointed at himself and straightened to his impressive six feet and five inches. “And who’ll stop me?”
“I’m just saying...” Zach wished he had alerted security on their way down.
Taking a step toward his employee, Noah responded through gritted teeth, “This is my club, and she’s my responsibility.” He stalked off, weaving through sweaty bodies.


Soon to come...

Genre: Sweet Romance/New Adult

“That was beautiful,” she whispers, using the remote to press the stop button. How she continues to look so absolutely endearing while staring forlornly at the screen amazes me.
“Not as beautiful as you,” I mutter, not loud enough for her to hear, but just so it’s out in the atmosphere and out of the deep recesses of my heart.
We lapse into a lengthy silence. It’s not uncomfortable, but it’s heavy...heavy with all my unspoken thoughts, unexpressed emotions, and repressed desires. After a while, after a long while, her lips part and my gaze lands on the lower one, the one that slightly juts forward, the one that needs no lipstick because it’s—well they both are—naturally red. I’d love to feel the softness of her lips as they sigh or even as they talk or laugh. But, again, I know that’s wishful thinking. As are all the other forbidden thoughts I have about her.

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