Thursday, March 24, 2016

UPDATE - The Deeper Chronicles

I know it seems like forever that I've updated my blog, and it probably feels like I'll never publish the sequel to my debut, Deeper (Book One of The Deeper Chronicles). However, please know I will do better on the former and that the latter is being perfected just for YOU.

In the meantime, have you read Deeper's updated blurb? If not, here it is, and please tell me what you think via any social media outlet or email me your thoughts. 

Misled by the one she trusted the most...
With one standard traffic stop, everything Avianna Linton knew was shattered. Suddenly, her life wasn't what she thought. Hoping for anonymity and a new life, Avi flees to the bright lights of New York City, ready to start over. 

Broken by a past he can't escape...

Rising from nothing on his own, Noah Adams grasps to power with bone-crushing grip, refusing to let anyone control him. The only person to ever dare to question his authority is her. And he can't handle it.

Connected by more than their disdain for one another... 

Avi can barely hide her contempt for him. Noah struggles to control himself in her presence. Their attraction is undeniable, but impractical. They make no sense. But the closer they get, the deeper they fall.

You can purchase book one at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Nook, and Google Play.

I am so proud to share the new cover designed by Sixxis Design.

In a few days, I'll be sharing the new cover, blurb, and THE FIRST THREE CHAPTERS of Deeper: Descent (Book Two of The Deeper Chronicles). Subscribe to my newsletter to be in 'the know' about Noah and Avi. 

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